Saturday, August 23, 2014

Extra! Extra! ~Announcing Completed Name Change of @DonDraper_NY to @DonDraperSCP


Good Morning @MadMenFamily ...

After thinking long and hard about it .....I have changed my @Twitter name to @DonDraperSCP.

I was fortunate to be able to stumble upon this name. It embodies the true character of Don Draper as we head into the final of @MadMen_AMC Season 7 next spring of 2015.

I believe "Sterling Cooper and Partners" will wind up being the final namesake of @MadMenSCP, yet, I have been proven wrong in the past. so, this is a gamble at best. No one has been able to predict the mind of Matthew Weiner as of yet.

No matter ... I am going ahead with this change. I am "moving forward' and keeping my @MadMenDreams in sync with the storyline of #MadMen ... and the @MadMenFact' s of the show true to the @MadMenScript. I have already changed .....

@PeteCampbellNY      to  @PeteCampbellSCP

@BertCooper_NY        to  @BertCooperSCP

@StanRizzoNY            to  @StanRizzoSCP

@MikeGinsbergNYC   to  @MikeGinsbergSCP

@BobBensonNY          to  @BobBensonSCP

@DuckPhillipsNY        to  @DuckPhillipsSCP

@FayeMillerNY           to  @FayeMillerSCP

@FreddyRumsenNY    to  @FreddyRumsenSCP

@HarryCraneNY          to  @HarryCraneSCP

@JimCutlerNY             to  @JimCutlerSCP

@KenCosgroveNY      to   @KenCosgroveSCP

@LanePryceNY           to   @LanePryceSCP

@LouAveryNY            to   @LouisAverySCP

@SalRomanoNY          to   @SalRomanoSCP

@JoanHollowayNY      to   @JoanHollowaySCP

and of course @RogerSterlingSC will stay the same as always.

I am introducing @PaulKinseySCP in this memo as a new player in the @MadMenDreams troupe of characters.

And Myself, @DonDraper_NY   to @DonDraperSCP (Done!! on 8-21-2014 at 1100 AM)

My biggest concern .... is that I will confuse my many friends with this bold move. Therefore ... I have elected to Brand All of the @MadMenDreams characters with these two emoticons ⓂⓂ placed before each name. (in case they don't show up correctly there, they look like 2 blue M&M candies with M on them) 

That ...  has become the signature Brand of my @MadMenFamily ... additionally, the official list of characters are listed to the right side of this blog in alphabetical order and by groups ..there are quite a few of them ... and they all follow #MadMen back ..ASAP! .. so please be patient.

I have some tentative plans for @PeggyOlsonNY ...but for now she will stay right where she is. 

So, this may be my last @MadMenDreams post under the name of @DonDraper_NY ... it has been an interesting voyage with him on Twitter, I hope @DonDraperSCP can say the same by this time next year ..

Thank You for taking the time to read this..... all my best to all of YOU!

"Tomorrow is another Day"

@DonDraperSCP .... formerly @DonDraper_NY

Sr. @MadMenCreative Director at @MadMenSCP
783 Park Ave & 72 
New York City, NY 10020

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Did I tell you how much I Love the Movie @BeachPillows ..Check It out....Don

Sean Hartofilis - IMDb
Internet Movie Database
Sean Hartofilis, Producer: Beach Pillows. ...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I found Jay Ferguson again today @jrfergjr ✔︎, He is the @MadMenActor who plays @StanRizzoNY on @MadMen_AMC

"I hear what you are saying Stan ...All my best.... Don (@DonDraper_NY)"

Follow @jrfergjr

Follow @MadMenActor , This is @DonDraper_NY's tribute site to ALL the Actors of @MadMen_AMC

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

GR82CU Dale Vanderwort @MadMenActor @TomBeyerActor @HoJoMadMen TY~>@RolandoPujol

     I would like to thank +Rolando Pujol @RolandoPujol for writing such an interesting article about the Howard Johnson in @MadMen_AMC's Show.
     It only took 24 hours for me to create the @HOJOMadMen .. I am dedicating it to  @TomBeyerActor and Rolando Pujol, with more to come about this fascinating episode  Thanks Gentlemen.

   783 Park Ave & 72nd Apt 17B
   NY, NY 10021


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Week on Twitter ...WoW @SumAll